SysAdmin Service

Arthur Syndicate can provide a complete System Administration team for your company, freeing you from the need to have an expensive staff.  We provide a number of SysAdmin service plans, including straight time, prepaid ten packs and service contracts.  As you will see, your costs reduce dramatically as you increase the services you choose to purchase.  The details of each are below.

Time and Materials

This option allows us to work together on an ad-hoc basis, without any long-term commitments.  Business hours are 8 am to 5 pm, Central time, Mondays through Friday, excluding holidays.

If you choose this service plan, we will ask you what kind of response time frame you require.  We guarantee to start work on your problem within your selected time frame or we’ll discount the price by 10%.  You will need to provide access to your offices if we perform our services at your site.  There is a minimum one hour charge, plus travel time if needed.

Ten Packs

This option lets you prepay for service in blocks of 10 hours.  These service hours never expire, and you can use them as needed.  There is a one hour minimum for calls, but we do not charge for travel.  If your service requirements exceed 10 hours, we automatically sell another ten pack at the same rate.

Service Plans

This option minimizes your service costs and provides a long-term service solution.  If you purchase a minimum of eleven service hours per month for six months, your cost can be as low as $95 per hour.  There is a one hour minimum, but we do not charge for travel.  You can use your hours as quickly or as slowly as you need.  We automatically rollover unused hours to subsequent months to preserve your investment.